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Prohibited & Restricted

Restricted and Prohibited Items.


Certain items are restricted and prohibited on Bradoo and every seller and user needs to make sure that they comply with all relevant legislation and all our terms and conditions as failure to comply may lead suspension or termination of your account or other action being taken.


The following list is not exhaustive but does contain many items which are restricted and prohibited. Restricted and prohibited are liable for removal and your listing fees will be forfeited (not repaid).


For clarification or guidance please contact us on enquiry@bradoo.com to confirm if your item can be listed. Failure to do so will result in delisting of your product and forfeiture of your listing fees.


Restricted and Prohibited List

  1. Used clothing – this can only be listed only if they are washed and clearly described as used in the description box while listing.
  2. Contracts or products that have a 3rd party contract associated with it – usually with these contract you cannot transfer ownership to a 3rd party e.g. airline tickets. These items cannot be sold on this website. Every item sold should be such that can be transferred to a 3rd party without any restrictions upon payment.
  3. Used Cosmetics and make ups are not allowed on this site.
  4. Adult Only – you are not allowed to list any product that is (or has been and is now unrated) rated R18 or X rated or above and/or is subject to similar rating within the country which originally rated it.  Similarly you can not list anything which contravenes any law or anything we deem unacceptable.
  5. Alcohol of any type is prohibited on the site
  6. Animal and wildlife products
  7. Mobile phone contracts
  8. You cannot list counterfeit money and stamps and any machine or equipment that makes them on this site.
  9. Drugs like narcotics, steroids, health remedies and all other controlled substances, including those which can only be prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner and/or are controlled by current drug legislation in England & Wales and/or the country in which your item is listed for sale, together with any drugs paraphernalia are not allowed on Bradoo.
  10. Electronics equipment considered unlawful by Ofcom and/or prohibited by the Federal Communications Commission is not allowed on bradoo.  This equipment could include products that records conversations without the other party knowing.
  11. Electrical equipment can only be listed provided you comply with the current legislation in England & Wales and/or the country in which your item is listed for sale.
  12. Weapons (including firearms and replicas), ammunition, most knives (certain items such as dining knifes are allowed) and firearms are not allowed on our website
  13. Food and healthcare products - listing food and healthcare products you must familiarize with laws and regulations governing the sale of these items.
  14. When you list these types of items, you’re certifying that all safety conditions have been met.
  15. Gift cards – restriction on the amount on card
  16. Hazardous substances are prohibited
  17. Inter-country trading - Sellers are advised to ensure that all their listings and transactions complies with all applicable laws in every country they intend to transact with.  Sellers are responsible for ensuring that their transactions are lawful both in his country and the country of the buyer. YOU MUST also check your goods are not prohibited in any country you intend to sell your products before listing.
  18. You cannot list stolen property on this site
  19. Hazardous, explosive and dangerous items, including chemicals, fireworks and items defined as dangerous by law and/or the Department for Transport.
  20. Any other item which breaches the User Agreement Terms & Conditions or which we, in our sole discretion, deem unacceptable.


Important Rules to note before listing on www.bradoo.com


Read all our terms and conditions and policies before listing your products or services. Check for what you can or cannot sell, if you cannot find it on our website or you just need help then email us at adverts@bradoo.com 

When selling internationally, be sure to familiarize yourself with international trade and import restrictions and legislation in that country.

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